The Vert Top 10 of 2014

Congratulations to Fred Frost for winning his 4th Vert Title in 2014~!  Once again, he is the undisputed “King of the Big Mountain.”

In the 11 seasons of the Vert Era here in Whitefish, no one else has won more than twice. Fred continues to be a pillar of durability and the envy of all who don’t ski as much as they wish.  Once again, Fred averaged over 40,000 vertical feet per day.  He was the sole achiever of the Fred Frost Award, given to those who ski more than 4 million vertical feet in a season.Vert Top 10 of 2014

Also returning to this year’s Top 10, was yours truly, skiing my biggest year yet, in a season where I didn’t win.   I averaged a hair over 30,000 feet per day, while skiing all 121 days.

Last year’s champ, Tony Cooper, followed up his record-breaking season with another podium, finishing a respectable 3rd.

Albin Kwolek, turned in a personal best, joining the ranks of the 3 million feet club, in his 2d consecutive season in the Top 10.

Mark Panicek also turned in a personal best, breaking into the Top 5, for his second consecutive Top 10 finish too.

Steve Calger also skied a personal best.   And wife Kay, earned her 5th Ladies Vert Title.

Joining the Top 10 for the first time, John Sanman beat some seasoned vert veterans and 4 Million Club members to earn 8th place.

R.J. Brewer rejoined the Top 10 for the third time, with a rock solid 2.5 million vert feet skied.

And John Gibson grabbed the final Top 10 spot….earning his 9th year in the Top 10.

This year’s Top 10 endured and persevered through some significant injuries…..from broken ribs, to concussions, MCL sprains, strained backs, and many other ankle-biting and toe-jamming annoyances.  They skied through all of it to make it onto this list.

Getting on this list is not by accident.  You have to want it….and mean it….and probably be a little bit lucky too.

Who’s in for next year?


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