The Top 100 Vert Seasons 2017

Once again, I present the Top 100 Seasons list. Here is your 2017 edition. This list highlights the 100 biggest seasons skied on the Big Mountain at Whitefish Mountain Resort over the last 14 years.

There were no records this season, but there were some personal bests and a few newcomers to this list.  And given the nature of a list like this, new people skiing their way on to it, means that the folks at the bottom of last year’s list get bumped off to make room. The arc is ever upward.

As I predicted in last year’s Top 100 article, this year’s skiing has taken 100th place above 2.5 million vertical feet.  In fact, local character and friend, R.J. Brewer currently holds 100th place, at 2,505,236′.  It’s a good thing you’ve got that 4 Million season in the books R.J….because I think were going up near 2,560,000′ with this list next season.

The Top 7 skiers from this season all earned places on this list.  You’ll see their names and places highlighted by a Gold star on the list below.

But before we get to that, allow me to share a few facts about the list.

Once again 33 people own the Top 100 seasons of the Big Mountain Vert Era.  87 of the 100 seasons are held by skiers.  13 places are held by snowboarders.

Two newcomers joined the cast, Cindy Klein (at 53rd) and Frank Creasia (at 56th), took spaces vacated by Roger Elliot and Jim Robertson, who dropped off the list.

Fred Frost owns 14 places on this list and fourteen people own 1 place.  There appears to be a beautiful symmetry in that.  Fred generally skis more than the average 14 folks.

Of Fred’s 14 places, amazingly he owns 10 of the Top 25 seasons!  And in case you wondered, that is why skiing over 4 million feet earns you a “Fred Frost” Award on the Whitefish Mountain Resort Vertical Tracker Website.

I own 10 places on this list.  Russ Carpenter owns 9.  John Gibson owned 8 on last year’s list, but had one of the 7 that were bumped off the bottom this year, so he now owns 7 places.   But John also works full-time and travels all over the place during ski season. Seven places isn’t too shabby for full-time employment and part-time snowboarding.

Rick Sawyer owns 6.  And coincidentally, Rick joins Sue Armstrong as the 2nd person who rode every day this season, despite not making any lists this year.  Rick and John represent the only (primary) snowboarders on this list–though you might occasionally spot either one of them on a pair of skis.   They are talented people….as you would never catch me on a snowboard.  I value my intact spinal column too much.

Tony Cooper owns 5 places, including 2 of the Top 10.

Two people, Chris Chapman (Chappy) and Albin Kwolek, own four places.

Five people own 3 places–Steve Cook, Pat King, K Yobst, Steve Calger and Mark (aka John) Sanman.

Six people own 2 places.  They are:  R.J. Brewer, Sue Armstrong, Giles Hunt, Jerry Hagen, Paul Descoteau, and Steve Sliper.

And the fourteen people owning one entry on this list are: Ken Jones (at the Top), Travis Gray, David Thiel, Paul Badgley, Jim Bailey, Cindy Klein, Frank Creasia, David Keith, Jeanne Reichstadt, Rex Rupp, Mark Panicek, Tom McCrea, John Wachsmuth, and Eric Walberg.

The 7 folks who lost a place on the list (to make room for this year’s Top 7) were:  K Yobst, John Wachsmuth, Steve Calger, Roger Elliot, John Gibson, Sue Armstrong, and Jim Robertson.   And as mentioned above, of these 7 people, Roger Elliot and Jim Robertson are the two people who dropped out of the Top 100 altogether.

Without further adieu, here’s the new list.


Now that you see the mark, come and get it.   It will never be easier than next season to ski your way on to this list. And if I had to guess, next year will push the bottom of this list up into the 2.56 million range.  That is no casual ski season.  It’s now or never to show us what you’ve got.   JDPF



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  1. Sibhusky says:

    Not to nag, but are you going to be updating this?

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