Why I Write

Ah, the question, why do I write? Does it really need an answer?

I write because I am.  If I didn’t write, I would leave something unsaid….that just might be the one thing that someone might want or need to read or hear.  Another narcissist you say.  Yeah, I suppose so, just like everyone else—and nearly every other blogger here who thinks you want to read his/her stuff.  The thing is, I don’t care if anyone reads this or not.  I just don’t want to die having not done my best to communicate who I am, what I believe and why.   So, I started putzing here on WordPress.

I have lived a wonderfully fulfilling life and I’m grateful for it.  I’ve been blessed with innate gifts by our Creator, born with keen eyesight, solid hand-eye coordination, good balance, and a strong heart.  I wasn’t blessed with height.  I’m a short (5’7”) white guy that can’t jump; I never had the fast-twitch muscles for explosive vertical jumping or sprinters speed.  So be it.

I was also blessed with an eidetic (photographic plus) memory.    Spelling came easy as misspelled words jumped off the page at me.  Once a word was known, I subsequently couldn’t NOT notice it if it was misspelled.  Basic math made sense to me.  Geo-spatial awareness, sense in the woods, a keen sense for directions, and recognition of previously seen places, all gave indication to the traits that my ancestors must have needed to survive.

With all of the gifts granted by our Creator, I still never felt much beyond a “muddler.”  While a good portion of school curriculum and extracurricular athletics was easy for me, social interactions and growth were anything but easy.   My life has ended up being an indelicate balance between working within team constructs as mostly a lone, keep-to-myself, introvert.   Many circumstances, way beyond my own making, were behind this dynamic.  I’ve spent my life trying to figure out who I am, why I am the way I am, and why I am here.

If I’m not here to observe, analyze, and share the wisdom of my experiences– with those who might be interested or benefit from it– then I don’t know what I am here for.  And if it turns out to be that I am merely writing for my own understanding and edification, then so be it as well.

I’ve started this blog as a means to communicate more effectively, without blast-transmitting more unsolicited email to my hapless friends and family who can’t make it stop.    They will now have the option of choosing to read or not read the musings and deepest concerns from my wandering mind.  JDPF


1 Response to Why I Write

  1. Steve Newstrom says:


    Man has it been a long time since your name has surfaced in my mind!!! My cousin was googling his brother and somehow came up with the tribute you posted on Bryan last year. You captured the spirit of Bryan. Regarding the use of my “…killer stereo…” it would only have cost you a couple of thumpings…… Nah, Bryan had a way of making everything ok….

    Would love to connect and share stories sometime…


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