This is the inaugural blog of Jay D. P. Foster.

The opinions expressed in posts are mine alone.  The Northern Rockies View header photo (atop all pages) is, like most of the pics on my website, one I took myself.  It is of the Swan Mountain Range of NW Montana on an “inversion” day .  The Swans are brilliantly aglow in sunlight above the east side of the Flathead Valley which is covered by a thick set of clouds.

Thanks to WordPress.com for making this easy enough for me to do.  JDPF


5 Responses to About

  1. Bev says:

    Today is the first day that I have viewed this site. I am so glad that I took the time to actually sit down and read. This indeed is not another lame blog! I was totally pulled into the stories of this writer. The Tribute to Bryan brought me to tears and brought back memories of the same experiences when I was in High School. None as touching as Bryan’s Tribute. I could feel the pain as if Bryan was my friend. He would be proud to know that he made such a lasting impression on his close friend. You are a very special person and writer to remember the important things in life are right in front of our face if we only take the time to realize “we” need to treasure every moment of our journey in this life and the people that make us who we are. Thank you for sharing some of your experience’s and please continue your writings. Your Father must have been so proud to have a son like you, as well as other members of your family. I will look forward to your updates.

  2. Scott Morris says:

    I am new to the blogosphere – Jay – I enjoyed the many thoughtful insights and interesting stuff you have shared – in word – cool! And oh yeah – congrats on your second vert championship!

  3. Ramona Burns says:

    I’ve searched, without success, for an email address by which to contact you directly, would you kindly provide one or contact me at campbera@nsuok.edu regarding NSU ROTC alumni?

  4. Sibhusky says:

    Since you won this year, are you going to be posting the new vert stats?

  5. Sibhusky says:

    Looking forward as always to this year’s results.

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