Ladies Top 10 of 2014

Lets give it up for the Ladies of the Big in 2014~!

Congratulations to Kay Yobst for winning her 5th Ladies Vert Title~!  But for a late season knee injury, which hobbled her for nearly a week, she would have undoubtedly had a personal best, and maybe even approached the ladies’ record. As it was, she still skied the 3rd most all-time by a lady.

Kay skies so much that she has a fan club of envious, female mountain employees.  They purportedly even named a sandwich after her during Women’s History Month.

I too am a fan.   She and Steve are fun to ski with, especially in the steeps and deep snow. Lets get those knees back to strong by next season.

And without further adieu, here’s the Top 10 Ladies for this eleventh season of the Vert Era.  Congratulations to all of them.Ladies Top 10 - 2014

And to put the numbers up front for those ladies aspiring to compete in the future, here below is the Ladies Top 10 All-Time Vert Season totals.   It takes a full 2.2 million feet to get on this board.Ladies Top Vert - Alltime 2014

As always, constructive inputs to correct the record are welcome.


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