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My Miley-like Comedy Monologue – The Casey Anthony Trial

Hey Ya’ll, Welcome to my Miley Cyrus-like Comedy Monologue (think southern, bubbly, free-floating, stream of consciousness, and probably not completely thought through). I feel obligated to explain the lost month of June 2011. Sorry I haven’t talked with ya’ll lately. … Continue reading

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We Think We’re So Smart

We think we’re so smart. We’ve got our own blogs, 4G cell-phones, i-Pods, i-Pads, 24-hour news-cycles, and multiple flights daily to anywhere else in the world. Yet we still can’t explain basic laws of the universe. In this day and age of endless electronic distraction, I submit that, now more than ever, we need to do more pondering and less responding. We should all devote more time to observation, critical thought, and reasoned analysis. We need to know more about the “interconnectedness” of life within our universe. None of us know who the next great thinker might be–the one who figures out the next mankind altering law. Continue reading

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