The Top 100 Vert Seasons

Whitefish Mountain Resort Vert Records

Here it is, new in 2013, your Top 100 Vert-Seasons, in rank order.  From Tony Cooper’s brand new record 5,612,746 vertical feet, down to John Gibson’s 2,183,608′ done in 2008-09.  It’s number 1 to 100 baby.  The 100 biggest seasons skied in the first decade of the Big Mountain/Whitefish Mountain Resort’s Vert Era, begun in 2003-04.

Clearly, Vertmania has been manifest on the Big Mountain over the last decade.   This is true whether prizes and incentives were awarded or not.   The first few seasons offered free passes and skis to the winners.  The last several years have been “just for fun.”

To many, vert is a “way of life.”  Skiing regularly is its own reward, but skiing more than your peers gives you more than just bragging rights.  You get more time on the Big…and you might just wind up on a list like this.

This year’s Overall Top 12 skiers/boarders all made this Top 100 list.   It looks like the ante for entry into this club will easily climb over 2.2 million next season.

Congratulations to all who appear here below~!   And to those who haven’t, but aspire to, here’s the bar.   Come and get it.  Top 100 2013Top 100 pg2Top 100 pg3Top 100 pg4Top 100 pg5Top 100 pg6Top 100 pg7

As always, I welcome your constructive inputs to correcting or completing the record. Stats are inherently pesky and can be difficult to keep accurately.  Additional eyes on the data doesn’t seem to hurt anything.   Aside from that, I say “let the record speak for itself.”

I am not affiliated with Whitefish Mountain Resort in any way, though I am arguably among its most dedicated patrons.  Come join us and give it your best shot.  R/JDPF

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