The Top 75 Vert Seasons

Whitefish Mountain Resort Vert Records

The following information highlights some of the rich, recent history at Whitefish Mountain Resort (known from 1947-2006 as The Big Mountain).  This is another component piece of the Vert Records–to view more, look in the Vert Records Category listings at right.

Here are the Top 75 Vert Seasons skied at Whitefish Mountain Resort (formerly The Big Mountain) between 2003 and 2012.   Season 1 was the 2003-2004 Season.  Season 9 (2011-2012) was completed in April 2012.

Congratulations to Tony Cooper for breaking into the Top 10 in 2012! Nicely done.

Once again, I am in no way affiliated with Whitefish Mountain Resort, though I am arguably among it’s most enthusiastic patrons.  I recommend you visit, summer and winter.   Come and make some memories of your own!

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