The Top 10 Ladies of Big Mountain – 2012

Whitefish Mountain Resort Vert Records

The following highlights some of the rich, recent ski history at Whitefish Mountain Resort (known from 1947-2006 as The Big Mountain).  The Vert Era began over Thanksgiving weekend 2003 and has continued for nine seasons now.  Feel free to “poke around” the Vert Records (the last tab under Categories at bottom right on the homepage here) to see the records and embrace some recent and emerging Big Mountain nostalgia.

All hail Katherine (Kay) Yobst, the “Queen of the Big Mountain” in 2012.  She earned a hearty congratulations for winning her 3rd Ladies Vert Title, surging over the final week to pass 4-time Ladies Champion Jeanne Reichstadt in a very close finish.

And congratulations to all the ladies on this list for outskiing your peers.  Below is the ladies Top 10 list for the 2011-2012 season.

On principle, I did not include the girls from the teens and junior’s categories on this “Ladies” list….but some of those girls had prolific seasons too.  They’ve clearly got the chops to challenge the ladies when they grow into adults themselves.

And, in the interests of completing the record, for historical comparisons, below are the Top 10 all-time vert season performances by the Ladies–clearly this isn’t the first “rodeo” for either Kay or Jeanne.   The top Ladies of Big Mountain show up every year.  My hat is off to them!

Congratulations to all who “got it done” on the Big Mountain in the 2011-2012 season.

The data depicted is unofficial and I am in no way affiliated with Whitefish Mountain Resort–though I do recommend you visit, winter or summer.  Come and make some history of your own.

As always, I appreciate any constructive inputs.  If you see something amiss and can “complete the record,” I welcome your information and would be happy to hear from you.  JDPF

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