The “Top 10” Club

Whitefish Mountain Resort Vert Records

The following information highlights some of the rich, recent history of Whitefish Mountain Resort (known from 1947-2006 as The Big Mountain).

Twenty-nine skiers now comprise the “Top 10″ Club.  They are the skiers who have finished a season in the overall Top 10 of the Vert Standings at Whitefish Mountain Resort since the inception of the Vert Program in 2003.  At the top of the list, only Fred Frost and Russell Carpenter have done it all nine seasons.  Twenty skiers have done it multiple times; while nine more having done it once each—including this season’s sole new member, Fred Koenig.  Welcome to the “Big Mountain Elite” Fred!

And congratulations to Steve Calger, Kay Yobst and John Wachsmuth for returning to the Top 10! This 2011-2012 Season was a character-builder from the beginning—with it’s delayed opening and slow to get here “La Nina” snowfall.  You all earned every bit of it this season.

The data depicted is not official or affiliated in any way with Whitefish Mountain Resort (which I recommend you visit–winter or summer).  The data represents the best available information that I could informally compile for historical purposes.  I have compiled and shared these pages for the benefit of all who care to know it—for those who appreciate the extraordinary competitors and skiers who comprise these lists.  If you see something that you know to be inaccurate, I welcome your constructive inputs to correct the record. Enjoy the memories! JDPF

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