The Ladies Top 10 of 2017

Give it up for the Ladies of Big Mountain, Whitefish in 2016-17~! They enjoyed our La Nina season with a gusto commensurate to the snowfall–deep and profoundly entertaining! This year’s Ladies’ Top 10 included many established faces and a few, fresh new ones.

Sue Armstrong won her second consecutive ladies’ title (and followed her record-breaking season last year) with a 3.6 million feet season!  If she hadn’t skied 3.9 Million feet last year, this season would’ve been the Ladies record.  Sue also skied all 124 days this year…which in many respects is even harder than accumulating all that vert.  Sue finished 3rd overall in the Big Mountain vert competition, becoming the 2nd lady (along with K Yobst in 2015) to achieve an overall podium (Top 3) finish.  Sue was exceptional on all accounts. Outstanding effort, well done Sue~!

Cindy Klein finished 2nd, in her first season skiing in the vert competition.  Cindy came in over 3.1 Million feet in her debut, also finishing 5th overall.  Congratulations Cindy~!  I enjoyed witnessing your obvious joy and enthusiasm at skiing the Big Mountain with the heavy hitters.  I’d say your knee is back.

Finishing 3rd, with a furious finish to gain her 5th overall Top 10, was Ladies Vert powerhouse and former record-holder Jeanne Reichstadt.  Jeanne came in a hair under 2.2 million feet, despite being clobbered by a snowboarder from behind during this year’s Pond Skim event.  I don’t know how many years in a row this makes for Jeanne in the Ladies Top 10, but I believe it to be at least 11 (*).   Jeanne is a pillar of consistency and durability–snowboarders notwithstanding!

Coming in at 4th was Joanne Gill, with her 3rd consecutive Ladies Top 10.

Nancy Cohn finished 5th this year, in her 5th (*) Ladies Top 10, after missing out in 2016. Welcome back Nancy!

Sherry Foti came in 6th, with her 4th consecutive Ladies Top 10.

K Yobst battled some pesky injuries but finished with her 6th consecutive and 8th overall (*) Ladies Top 10.

Tamie Bodenhamer also made her debut to the Ladies Top 10.  Welcome aboard Tamie!

Sylvia Spangler led the lady Super Seniors with her 3rd consecutive appearance on this list. Nicely done Sylvia!

And just so you know where this season fits into the historical record.  Below is the Top 10 Seasons skied by the Ladies over the last 14 years.  I offer a few facts to give some perspective to the numbers.

Five ladies own these 10 seasons.  Sue Armstrong owns three places, including the Top 2. K Yobst owns four places, and Jeanne Reichstadt, Cindy Klein, and Sandie Carpenter own 1 place each.

Jeanne Reichstadt was the first lady to ski through the 3 million feet barrier, setting the Ladies record ten years ago.  K Yobst broke that record in 2015.   And Sue Armstrong broke K’s record in 2016.

And five times a lady has skied over 3 Million feet.  This year was the first when two ladies did so.   I’d say the Ladies are on an upswing.  Perhaps we’ll see three over 3 million next year…and its only a matter of time till a lady breaks through 4 million feet.

Again a hearty congratulations to the Ladies of the Big Mountain~!

There’s no question the Ladies of Big Mountain are terrific, dedicated skiers.  Who among you wants to see your name on these lists? And who’s gonna be the first to get 4 million? Or even 5 million?


A few administrative notes of clarification follow.

(*) – I’ve been keeping the Ladies Top 10 Records since the 2011-12 season.  I cannot offer any details about the Ladies records (or their Top 10 lists) before that, except as they intersect with the overall Top 10 records.   I do have the overall Top 10 records dating back to the 1st season (2003-2004)–courtesy of Fred Frost.   Fred gave me copies of his hard copy records 6-7 years ago.  From those I began an Excel spreadsheet–that begat another and another that continues to this day. Fortunately, the ladies have been appearing on the overall Top 10 lists for over 10 years now–hence I do have the ability to maintain the Top 15-20 Ladies’ seasons of 14 year vert era (from 2003-2004 to this just finished season).

I remain unaffiliated with Whitefish Mountain Resort–except as a candidate for most enthusiastic patron.  I do count many friends among the employees and everyday patrons of the resort.  I enjoy seeing and hanging with you on a daily basis.  See you on the hill.

As always, I welcome constructive inputs to correct or complete the record.  JDPF



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  1. Sibhusky says:

    As always, thanks for the info. I was once a contender, but gave that up years ago. I think I was in the top ten women several times about ten years back, but don’t have my placement, only my vert.

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