The Ladies Top 10 of 2016

Congratulations to the ladies of the Big Mountain~! They crushed it again in 2015-16.

At the top of the list and worthy of huge congratulations is Sue Armstrong, for setting the new all-time Ladies record! Sue skied a personal best of over 3.9 million vertical feet, landing her in the overall Top 10 for the second consecutive season.  She got all of that done in 115 days of skiing.  Exceptionally well done!

Congratulations also to Jeanne Reichstadt, a virtual lock in the Ladies Top 10 for a decade, who skied a smidge under 2.3 million feet, while returning again to the resort’s overall Top 10 for the 4th time.

And cheers to K Yobst for claiming her fifth consecutive Ladies Top 10, skiing a respectable 2 Million plus vertical feet.

Joanne Gill, Sylvia Spangler, Sherry Foti, and Luanne Metcalf all repeated in the Ladies Top 10 again for the second season in a row.  Nice job of getting a streak going.  Now a three’peat is in order for 2016-17.

And a hearty welcome to Lia Wolfe, Deb Forthofer and Ruthe Heimel, all joining the Ladies Top 10 this season.

Give it up for the ladies of the Big Mountain~!

Ladies Top 10 - 2016

As always, I welcome constructive inputs to correct/complete the record.


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