Ladies Top 10 of 2015

A resounding Congratulations to Kay (Katherine) Yobst for breaking the Ladies All-Time record in 2015~!  Kay broke Jeanne Reichstadt’s previous record of 3,098,914′ set back in 2006.

Congratulations to the Ladies Top 10 for getting it done in 2015~!Ladies Top 10 of 2015

Including Kay, two more of the ladies skied their way onto the Ladies Vert All-Time Top 10 list this season.

Ladies Top 10 All-Time - 2015
Susan Armstrong skied to a 6th place total of 2,439,246′.  That was good for 8th on the Whitefish Mountain Resort’s overall Top 10 list.

And Jeanne Reichstadt’s’s overall 12th place finish this season was strong enough for 9th on the Ladies All-Time Top 10 Seasons list.

It was a great job all around this season for the ladies.  When you can’t ski powder, do some groomer laps.

There it is ladies, the new benchmark for most vert ever skied by a lady is now at 3,164,102′.  Jeanne’s record stood for 9 years. How long will Kay’s record stand for?

Do you have it in you to be the next record-holder?

Only time will tell.

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