Happy Holidays from the Big Mountain!

It’s been another bountiful year for us.  And we are now enjoying another magnificent ski season!  This is the first year, of the five that I’ve lived here, that we knew what we’d be skiing on, a week before ski season.  Usually we start slow and eventually give way to relentless snow at some point.  This year, we got pre-season relentless snow.  Now we’re reaping the benefits….and waiting for more fresh snow.

I am again competing in the Mountain’s Vertical Competition this season.  I am currently holding onto 1st Place, skiing more than everybody else up here.   I won this competition in 2007-08, and finished 2d each of the past two seasons.  All that skiing has made me a better skier.   I am definitely enjoying this year’s run for 1st more.  Skiing is more fun than ever, being able to ski more difficult and varied terrain.

Mike worked again this summer in Glacier National Park.  And he is again an Ambassador on the Mountain this season.  Only this year, he is getting paid to do it.  Previously, he just got his pass for free…..but since he’s over 70 and all skiers over 70 get free passes, they felt that they must actually compensate him for his work.  It’s taken him his whole life, but he is finally getting paid to ski and greet people.   He would be doing those things anyway.  It just goes to show you that “good things come to those who wait.”  One of these years, I may try my hand (or feet) at getting paid to ski.

We did some travelling this year.  I finally got to my 50th state.  We took a summer trip to Vermont, seeing New York City in the process of flying in/out.  We saw a Mets game (sigh—they were so lame—almost as lame as my own Mariners).  At any rate, now that I’ve been to all the states, I’ll have to start working on some of the rest of the continents.   We might have to ski in the southern hemisphere one of these upcoming years.

Lady and Rosie are another year older.  Lady turned 10 in August.  Rosie was 6 in May.   Lady is still quite vigorous and fit.  Rosie is still as ornery as ever.  Both are as mellow as they’ve ever been.  They have a winning routine and they know it.   Although,  Lady is pissed at me lately, for skiing all day every day.   She’s hanging out with Uncle Mike more as a result.  Good for them.  They’ll take their oxytocin where they can get it.

And I started a blog this year.  It is aptly named NorthernRockiesView.com.   I worked it hard for a few months, and then, like most bloggers do, I took a break from it.  I will reattack it in the coming months.  It is a repository for articles that I’ve written regarding my interests and travels.  It has articles about baseball, skiing, music, places and people of importance and interest to me.  You can check it out if you want….or not.

We are expecting numerous visitors this ski season.  Will you be among them? We shall see.  First come first served.  From our pack to yours, Happy Holidays.  Love Jay, Mike, Lady & Rosie

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1 Response to Happy Holidays from the Big Mountain!

  1. Sharon/Paul Niemi says:

    Gees, too bad you aren’t liking retirement! Just keep at it and you will get the hang of it…2-4-3

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